Thursday, February 17, 2011

woad and weld

Pinks and blues from woad

greens from weld

I still have bundles wrapped with woad leaves so I'm looking forward to the colours those prints might be.

On the clothes line is the light linen dress I dyed at Lud Valley Nelson last November. I've had it soaking in soy milk before I re-wrap it and try the last extraction of colour from my woad dye.

and I've picked the first leaves and an odd flower of my only plant of Hypercium perforatum (St John's Wort) . I'll simmer it with some silk thread in an aluminium pot.

I took a little cotton 70%, linen 15% and raimie 15% jacket down to the beach last night and gave it a swish in the that's drying and waiting to be wrapped. I think pohutukawas leaves in the last of the weld in an aluminium pot - should make a nice contrast of deep purples and the limey green of the dyebath.....but who knows what will really happen.

in no time at all, a whole morning has gone by. The clouds have lifted. The sun's out and the tide is full. Time for a break.


  1. Gin - is there no stopping you woman, you have even given your blog a whole new look and a very nice one at that joxx

  2. yep - new burst of life - moving on to the next phase...feel like I'm just getting to grips with ecodye ideas. SO now to conquer the sewing machine, overlocker, and new camera...I'm picking I'll have enough time and energy for all I need to do :)tnx gxx