Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Pink my ride

......."remove the leaves and squeeze out the liquid

....the leaves can be used for

a 'regular' dye vat

for yellows or pinks.

The colour depends

on the strain of woad used

and the water - mine is rain water......maybe that has less of a chemical and mineral load than spring or bore water. Certainly less than treated commercial city water....

The next installment will be decanting any remaining sediment out of the bucket where it is settling.
It will then be washed clean water in smaller open necked bottles and allowed to settle again
Finally we'll figure a way to spread it out to dry so it can be stored.....

QUESTION - do we have an old teflon coated dish in which we can let the evapouration happen.

This seems to be the easiest way to "peel" the pigment off a surface ???

And then comes the interesting bit - what to do with it when we have pigment


  1. Hi Gin - lovely colours yet again and as you know, we can never have too much pink!

    jo xx

  2. when you have pigment it sets you onto that road of fermenting urine...well away from the house

    if you have some fresh leaves left try ecoprinting with them...years ago [before the big dry ate my garden] i had prints that were a mix of turquoise, maroon and green.

  3. tnx India -it's so hot I'm drinking enough to fill a bucket and the cows aren't due in the turnips for a few days so can stash it in the workshed without causing a stampede!