Monday, February 21, 2011

more magic with woad

who would imagine this dye bath could go on producing wonderful colour for so long!

a first for me...I splashed out and bought a remnant of merino and lycra for $8, wrapped it round a little piece of driftwood and was stunned at the result.

was there more to it than that??
Well, yes - I did find an old axle on the beach and load it into the dye bath for a "metal fix".
And I had wrapped my soy mordanted linen frock with pohutukawa twigs and spent flowers and put that in the same dye bath.

it's still magic whichever way you look at it (even upside down if you're a fish on a wall)


  1. what happened to the passion fruit - did you eat them or are they in a bundle somewhere - either way they are delicious jo xx

  2. passionfruit skins print nicely....