Tuesday, May 17, 2011

the world is full of a number of things.....

After an enormous NE blow, there were monsters on Hudson's beach with ropey fingers

 and puffball humps
stretching from one end of the beach
to the other
four planets - Mars, Jupiter, Mercury and Venus aligned outside my back door in the early morning dark
my 90 year old Dad, who takes no medications at all, landed in hospital for the 2nd time in his life.  The first time he was 8 and he fell off the horse he was riding 4 up to school with his siblings.  He's now home and recovering well.

and a couple of pretty things flew up on the clothes line.


  1. good to see you back again - aren't those wonders on the beach incredible - your dad looks pretty good for 90 - I can see the planets from my bedroom window first thing in the morning - pretty amazing - keep well and creative xxx

  2. never a dull moment on your side of the ditch, is there? am missing NZ, may try and swing a brief visit in July :)

    i have to deliver a copy of my new book to my lovely [but sadly retired] tattoo artist!


  3. ps

    best wishes to your Dad for a speedy recovery from whatever-it-was...

  4. Thanks Jo and Indie - I love your posts of travel and autumn prints. Still have a rubbish sack of the "whatever it was" from the beach. It never smelt and still doesn't and had leached a lovely pink into the little stream so I thought to make a dye bath and see what happens. Now the fear of UTIs and such is over, Dad is back to fasting so he can cure the advanced cataracts in both eyes. Unique. Would be great to catch you both again soon - and I'm looking forward to the book Indie.