Monday, March 14, 2011

Getting a grip......

Recently I've been working with a combination of collage and journaling to move myself past my own cliches. 

It's a technique from an e-study course offered by Shelley Klammer
It takes maybe an hour each morning to rip up some images, assemble and own them and write. 

It's not a thoughtful process - it's an instant identification of my current state of mind. 
I've learned in the past week that whatever images "land" on my page are me. 

So this morning, having struggled to put words or feelings into any order at all since the Christchurch earthquake and now the Japanese quake and tsunami, this is what is on my page.

I am Anger

I am the scream of the buried
the drowned
the burnt
the displaced

I am the snarl of the lost
the broken
the hobbled
the Dead and Undead

I am the hope against impossibility
of an olive twig on a bare branch

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