Monday, September 30, 2013

Gypsy Day June 1, 2014

We've been given notice by the farmer who owns the house we live in.  He'll be putting a full time worker into our home in 6 months, if not before we'll do it all again - the packing, the dumpster, the garage sales, the truck and the boys, the cleaning......and at the other end of however long this piece of string may be........the unpacking

I'm digging up my 4 year old madder bed and will harvest 24 kgs of good thick roots to cut, dry and share with friends  I need to do that NOW while the plants are just thinking about sprouting and before the spring growth takes off.


My granddaughter Lily Maria said....."But Mormor, you'll have to leave the GINGKO tree behind."

I've no idea where we will end this the start of a magical new journey? 


  1. How can he do that ? You can't discriminate between tenants providing you pay the rent ? Lets hope this is something plotted by the Dogs Above and that a better situation awaits ...

    1. I guess the new people will be employees, not tenants - they'll probably get the house free as well as a wage. So it's a business decision.....I've had such a settled and varied life here, in this particular house. And now we've clocked up nearly 13 years on the gut feeling is, it's time to move on. SO - yes, I'm anticipating the Dogs Above to smile on us and Miss Pip and old 7 of 9.....and that all our needs will be met.

  2. I hope that you've found somewhere else & have started to settle.
    I would like to catch up. I am particularly interested in natural dyes, & what's available in Auckland / New Zealand.