Tuesday, March 27, 2012

a year has gone by

Who would think a year (almost) has been and gone.  What has happened? 

My grandson now has two new bottom teeth and a gap, waiting.  My granddaughter sat transfixed on my knee during the Steiner school dragon play.  I have a puppy, Miss Pip (Pippi Longstocking) - she's just over 3 months and a wonderful footwarmer as autumn days draw in.

My daughter is part way through her university studies and will have her first solo art exhibition in June - a combination of photos, prints, ecoprinted pieces....

My son is engaged and he and his fiancee will slip away to a tropical island "somewhen" for a private ceremony.

I am off to Denmark in June to visit friends - 7 weeks and 1 day.  It will be worth the 19 hours to Singapore and the 6 hour layover and then the last 6 hour leg into Copenhagen.  It's been 9 years since I was last there.

And here are a couple of pieces that have happened over the last little while.  In between trying to finish masses of bookwork to gain my Adult Literacy tutoring qualification......

she's a Schnoodle - that terrier hunting instinct is already alive and well

 I'm starting to learn patience - merino around copper pipes - dried for a whole week.....that's the secret
who would think ladder ferns could make such a lovely green
and today is my younger sister's birthday
Happy Birthday


  1. woo hoo ..all great news ..worth the year's wait to hear
    and that wait a week secret is fabulous
    stunning colour

  2. what Roz said...and
    that's a rather sweet furry friend you have xo

    1. by the time we next see you, I'm betting we can all play frisbee. Wonderful how quickly she stole our hearts - L adores her too - they do mornings in the dewy dark together! Now she's on her long line under the gingko tree with a new bone and a big bowl of water - she's oblivious to me wrapping on the deck. Sigh.........

  3. great to hear from you both :) The Pipkin graduated from puppy preschool!! last night. The latest concoction of oak leaves around tin on merino swings from golden delicious to aubergine. Big hugs dear gals XX