Thursday, January 6, 2011


Yesterday was a big tide- 4.1m - just lapping at the edge of the mown grass at Grahams Beach. The wind was Nor'east and warm, making the waves run across the beach with a good green chop. The water was so salty.

I had the beach to myself because I go down to swim at least 1/2 hour before full tide. Once it turns and I notice the mullet starting to jump and the oystercatchers wheeling back to find a spot to feed, the run for the Heads is strong.

So much water to feed out through a narrow gap, makes swimming harder and a little more dangerous.

I'm pleased with my swimming - I took lessons last winter to learn to breathe correctly and efficiently - who would think after years of scuba diving that I didn't remember how to swim.

So I cruise up and down through the rollicking waves and this morning I woke with all my bones deliciously "separated" and stretched. I'll never put my ankles behind my head like my mokopuna, but I'm relaxed and ready for the day.

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